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Source by Rob Rey -
For thousands of years, multitudes of agricultural societies have worshiped this bringer of light and warmth, knowing it's critical (if magical seeming) role in growing their life-sustaining crops.

Our sun is the engine that powers our solar system. With slight exception, all the energy we use came from this star. Temperature variations on the earth's surface drive the winds. For billions of years, organisms have been photosynthesizing it's light and storing the energy that we now use as fossil fuels. Our atmosphere traps the sun's heat and keeps us from freezing to unlivable temperatures every night. We have evolved in a stable balance of atmospheric insulation, but now, as we burn billions of years of stored solar energy, we risk turning our energy savior into our fiery scourge. Luckily, with photovoltaic (solar) panels we have found a way to directly harness the sun's energy without altering our atmosphere. Hopefully we will soon make broad use of these scientific (if magical seeming) devices to avoid angering our source.

Source - Oil, 18 x 24 inches - SOLD